Projects and Donations

The Legacy Lion
"Never Forget Your Pride"

The Legacy Lion

This lion, pictured to the left, was donated to the Senior High, Fitzkee Gym.  The lion was inspired and designed by Jessica Castle who is both an Artist and parent in the Red Lion Area School District.  The Legacy Lion guards his pride with courage and dignity. 

He is a representation of those lives that have been lost before us.

“Never Forget Your Pride” 


The foundation has sponsored the bounce house activity for THON for several  years.  The Junior and Senior High school continue to challenge our community to beat their contributions year after year for the Four Diamonds at Penn State Hershey.  


Windsor Manor Outdoor Classroom

Entrance Gate at Horn Field

PASC State Conference

Neff's One Room School House

Red Lion Band

Elementary, Junior High and Senior High yearly Academic Awards

Kiln and Pugger for Art Department